Hair Care

Maximum Hydration Method (MHM)

To be quite honest I have never tried this method. I was going to try this method, actually bought some of the stuff that is needed for this method but my spirit no agree. So after further review I decided that nahhhh this is not just for me.

So I have added this YouTube video ( from Miss Osula, Osa Osula. This Chiquita explains it beautifully but for those of you who don’t wanna sit through the video (15min video ya’ll, but to be quite honest it doesn’t feel long and she gets to the point real quick). Here are 10 reasons she gives and I agree 100% (Miss Osa has over 10 years of natural hair experience):

  1. Use of Baking Soda every day and it has a PH of 9.
  2. MHM is high manipulation, meaning your fingers are always in your hair, less manipulation means less breakage
  3. Hygral Fatigue, expanding and contracting of hair strands which will lead to breakage. Side note – this is NOT a good look
  4. You are changing the structure of your hair. Moving from low porosity hair to high porosity hair which will lead to weak brittle hair.
  5. Gel – feels gel is a drying agent. For me personally gel dries my hair real quick
  6. Bentonite Clay – Ph of 9.7 and it is used every single day in this method
  7. Method is too time consuming
  8. It is not a lasting form of hydration – Miss Osa says this because you have to do it every single day.
  9. Using substances that have high PH is gonna led to scalp infection and fungus. Your scalp needs to function from 4.5 to 5.5. PH
  10. 4C women do not have curly hair but have coily hair.
  11. ACV rinse in this method uses a 50 to 50 ratio. This is too strong a mix, ACV is done either at a 1 to 3 or 1 to 4 ratio. The ACV has to be diluted if not the ACV water mix will be too strong.

Some people love this method, I don’t. In my personal opinion anything that changes ones hair structure to another that is not even the best structure is not a good look. Going from LP to HP is just gonna give one another set of problems….not a good look. My sister tried MHM once and she never went back, she said and I quote “My hair was bubbling and it smelt like I was using a relaxer”.

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