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Cautionary tale…When Protective Styles go Wrong, A Message from a Guest Blogger…

So…I’m sitting here a week into doing my “protective style” (crochet braids of all things!) and the edges of my entire scalp are littered with bumps, with me pulling at the hair around the edges to ease the pain and loosening/removing extensions…also around the edges. See the theme?

This is further compounded by the aching sensitive trouble spots around the scalp and all around tightness.

What is the point of this? General vent? I’m usually very careful when it comes to my hair. I take the ribbing from the stylists saying “oh it’s not tight, it’s not painful…how will you handle childbirth???? Like that has anything to do with maintaining my locks or expecting the so-called professionals to not add stress or further damage my hair.

For this crochet style, the damage came when the stylist was adding the extensions – 2 hours after blow drying and corn rowing my hair. How do make crochet braids tight? What stopped me from speaking up? Exhaustion?

My scalp is burning. Irritated and burning….

My dear chiquitas when a stylist is messing with your tresses pls. speak up. A protective style stops being protective when it starts doing the damage. 

Like seriously though…how will you handle child birth? Chiquita pls.


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