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Tea Time with Shedding Hair

Now everyone knows tea time is usually in the afternoon with some biscuits or scones (but I do love my tea with cookies). But do you know you can have tea time with your hair? Yes, You can! So, let’s gets our cuppa and have some tea.

So what does tea time have to do with hair? The caffeine in tea helps to reduce shedding. 

Shedding and hair loss is caused by a hormone called Dihydrotesterone (DHT); and caffeine helps to block DHT. This helps to reduce hair fall and stimulate new growth. An additional benefit of the tea is that it helps to thicken the hair and promotes hair growth. Another plus side to this is that you should be able to see fast results, like in about 2 weeks you should be able to see how much your shedding reduces.

You can use either black or green tea, Naptural85 (a natural hair blogger) uses decaf green tea because it has less caffeine than regular tea. You can’t use tea that does not have caffeine because you need the caffeine, the caffeine is the essential part of this regimen.

Warning – You need to be careful with how many times you do the tea rinse. A tea rinse has caffeine and that is very drying to the hair so you will want to use a deep conditioner when you do the tea rinse so you can add moisture back to your hair.  Again, too much caffeine is not good for the hair, caffeine is a drying agent. You know how caffeine dehydrates the human body, imagine what it will do to the hair if done in excess. Nothing good, so please be cautious.

You can do the tea rinse twice a month. As usual when trying something new always monitor your hair to see how your hair reacts.

How this process works…

Use a heat safe container and either one black (regular tea) or green tea bag, you can use decaf green tea because it has less caffeine.

Place the tea bag in a heat resistant cup add 8 ounces of hot water and stir, wait for it to cool down and for the herbs to filter out.

If using fully caffeinated black or green tea, take the tea bag out after about 5 mins because you do not want the caffeine to be too strong.

After the tea has cooled down, pour the tea into an applicator bottle so you can apply it to your scalp easily without too much mess then apply to your hair. Otherwise use whatever container you currently use and follow the same procedure.

So how can this tea rinse be incorporated into your hair regime/routine???

You apply this rinse after shampooing your hair but before conditioning because caffeine dries out the hair and you need to replenish the lost moisture by conditioning. Your hair regime will be like this – 

Application to your hair regime 

1.       Pre-poo (optional)
2.       Shampoo
3.       Apply green tea to your scalp– don’t worry about the ends of your hair or your hair itself. This is a scalp treatment.
4.       Condition/detangle
5.       Deep Condition
6.       Moisturizing
7.       Style accordingly

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