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New Product Alert – Pantene Gold Series

My Dear Naija Chiquitas, there is a new hair product out that looks very promising for our beautiful kinky coils and curls!

It’s the Pantene Gold Series line. Which consist of:

Moisture Boost Shampoo
Hydrating Butter Creme
Leave-On Detangling Milk
Hydrating Co-Wash
Moisture Boost Conditioner
Curl Defining Pudding
Intense Hydrating Oil
Repairing Hair mask

I discovered this product while watching one of my fav youtube hair vloggers, Naptural85.  She starts to talk about this new Pantene product that was made by black scientists…chiquitas, Black Scientists made these products… black people like us that understand our hair issues made this products for us, for our particular hair. Am so stoked right now…YASSSS!!!

So pls. checkout the Pantene gold-series collection and let me know your experience with it. Naptural85 says it worked for her. Now I understand you might not have her hair texture, I don’t either but the way she described the products, its richness in moisture had me like YASSS. To watch her review pls. click here. Also, other natural hair chiquitas gave this product line positive reviews. So I know that for my Naija chiquitas you are all probably like where are we supposed to get this products in Naija specifically Lagos???

Well I discovered two awesome beauty stores in Lagos. One on the mainland (Invivo Leisure Mall – in Surulere) and the other on the island (Prince Ebano Market – Lekki). OMG the Invivo place rocks for natural hair products (biggest collection I have seen in Lagos) and it is cheaper than Prince Ebano Market and some of the other beauty stores in Lagos. So check these stores when you can. If they don’t have it now they definitely will in the future and also CasaBella too should soon start carrying this products.

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