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Roots…Let the Growth Begin


pintrest: Teyonah Parris

I cam across an interesting article by Mary Wolff on Where she talks about “Tips to Pump Up Your Roots“. The best hair you can ever have is healthy hair and it all starts with your roots. So how you treat your roots is very important. Mary Wolff gives 4 tips on this and here are my thoughts.

Tip number 3 – light products. I have always used light products on my hair because my hair is low porosity… can’t absorb products easily. I agree in the use of light products when appropriate. If you have High Porosity hair, light products is not for you, the product will absorb but won’t be retained.

Tip 2 and 4 tips got me like hmmm. In tip  2 and 4 Mary Wolff talks about not loading the roots with additional products because this could weigh the roots down because of the scalps natural oils.  She specifies conditioning and styling products, after giving it much thought, I was thinking that instead of skipping adding products to your roots, reduce the amount of the product you add. Mary Wolff has a point about Product Build-Up  because product build-up is real and can be damaging to the health of one’s hair. There are some natural hair chiquitas who kind of promote a similar logic (including moi) who say always add more products to the ends of your hair because it is the oldest part of your hair.

Tip 1 has to do with heat and I know some people don’t use heat. But for those of use that use heat, her point does make sense to me. Blow drying your hair at the roots straight up works and is helpful in the maintenance of your hair.

But as I always say, everyone’s hair is different so when starting a new hair regimen, try it out and monitor your hair to see if your new hair regime works for you.

So check out Mary’s article and let me know if her tips works for you.



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