Hair Styles, Red Carpet Fab


I love HAIR!!! I am a Natural Hair Chiquita and I love looking for new styles and looks to rock. So, when award season comes around, am excited, giddy and so can’t wait to see how the ladies show up to the event with their hair slayed and on fleek. So, you can imagine my disappointment as I watched the 2017 MTV’s VMA awards… FAIL FAIL FAIL was my impression from what I saw. There were very few styles that stood out to me but the others were just whelp and sigh.


Image: Getty Images

I know the wet look is supposed to be sexy but am not feeling Christina Milian’s wet look.


Image: gettyimages

Joan Smalls, Normani Kordei

I am not a fan of the severe high bun look, don’t think those styles are good for the edges but  some people do rock it well. Liked Joan Smalls look, Normani Kordei (Fifth Harmony)… just did not feel it.

The simply but classy looks I liked were…


Image: GettyImages

Jessica Sula and Yara Shahidi

The “SAY NO TO THE HAIR” were..


Images: GettyImages

Mel B., Lil Mama and Diamond White.

I will never rock these styles!!!



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