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Now that the 2017 Emmys have come and gone, let us delve into all the hair fabulousness…

images: Eonline and Getty Images

First things first… did Viola Davis relax her hair??? I was looking at her edges and I was like wait, what… her edges are sleeked and no amount of hot comb will sleek those edges back like that. Clearly the whole hair looks relaxed but I kept thinking hmm maybe she is wearing a wig. But I liked the new look. Miss Viola please continue to SLAY!!!

images: Eonline and Getty Images

Did Tracee Ellis Ross show up to the Emmys with cornrows. Like simple cornrows all to the back and from the looks of it not freshly done. It looks like it was done a week ago (no shade). I actually liked it. It was a refreshing twist to the all back bun at the back of the head. And her edges were safe.

images: Eonline and Getty Images

I am not gonna lie, when I saw Anika Noni Rose’s hair I wept. I thought what did you do with your beautiful hair. She still looks gorgeous but am not going to lie, the dyed and shaved head snatched my mind.

I loved Issa Rae’s Updo with the braid.

I adore what I call the fairy tail princess hair look which Sonequa Martin and Gabrielle Union rocked beautifully.

images: Eonline and Getty Images

All in all I loved the hair game of the 2017 Emmys. #Blackwomen SLAY!!!

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