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My Thoughts On the Natural vs. Relaxed Hair Debate – Response to Kanisha Parks’ “Is The Natural Vs. Relaxed Hair Debate Perpetuating Intraracial Discrimination?”

I came across an article on one of my favorites hair blogs, Curly Nikki, titled “Is ‘From Natural To Relaxed’ A Growing Trend? ” by Kanisha Parks and my first impression honestly was hmm I think the hair looked healthier when it was natural (Ms. Parks posted some pics of different women and their experience of going from natural to relaxed) but they look good. Went on to read the article and I felt sad, like why would Ms. Parks feel like traitor for relaxing her hair. Its her hair and she can do damn well whatever she pleases. Heck, she can even die it hot pink and lime green if she wanted to. I moved on. Then sometime later Kanisha Parks post this article, “Is The Natural Vs. Relaxes Hair Debate Perpetuating Intraracial Discrimination?” in response to the comments she got from her initial article “Is ‘From Natural To Relaxed’ A Growing Trend? “. After reading her second article I was like SMDH, seriously it is NOT just hair but more importantly it is HER hair, not yours, or mine or Scobby doo’s but Kanisha Parks Hair.

I will never understand why people feel the need to impose their own hair opinions or thoughts on someone else’ hair story and journey. I view the human hair as part of the human body like the mind and heart. If you can’t tell someone how to think or how to feel then you can’t tell someone that their hair choices are wrong and what they should do with their hair. What I do, is to comment on someone’s hair process like how they maintain their hair. Like I saw a vlog sometime ago, about a chiquita going from natural to relaxed and I have been wanting to comment on it for a very long time. But stuff happens, I wanted to and I am still going to talk about that vlog. I felt the stylist ruined her beautiful hair cause they relaxed it wrong. So my post is gonna be on what not to do when relaxing your hair NOT how dare she relax her hair.

I don’t think going from natural to relaxed or relaxed to natural is the gold standard. I believe your hair is yours alone and anyone is free to do whatever and however.

This Natural Vs. Relaxed debate is a very un-necessary debate because it really shouldn’t be a debate.

As kanisha Parks said “Morgan Saraya Howell writes in her thesis for Arizona State University, “Although there are frequent protests by African Americans against discrimination from other racial/ethnic groups and initiatives for equal treatment both in society and in the workplace, the issue of discrimination primarily regarded as intergroup racial bias, (i.e. discrimination within a culture or group) . . . has typically been ignored””

I honestly don’t understand all the negativity and discrimination. Your hair is your hair, your choice and your preference. I am a 4C low porosity natural hair chiquita with hair that is sometimes dry especially when I get lazy with my hair routine. I love my coils I don’t think having curls is better than coils or vice versa nor do I believe straight hair is better than natural hair. I prefer natural hair, and I do believe it is healthier but I don’t think it is the only option to gold standard hair. Don’t care if people are biracial and have curly hair, don’t care if you have s-curl hair, don’t care if you rock locs or have texlaxed or permed hair. If your hair is healthy and beautiful I root and support you.

In Kanisha Parks’s article she mentions:

But are we now allowing the very same movement that has united us, divide us? Now that I’m relaxed, have I eliminated my ability to partake in this sisterhood, this community that I have been a part of for so long?

My answer is to the above is NO, anyone can express their thoughts and views on relaxed or natural hair whether or not their hair is relaxed or not. As along as it is done with sense and not ignorance.

I love diversity, I hate sameness and honestly think the same thing everywhere is boring. My dear chiquitas can we please stop with the pitting of women against each other, self hating and negativity. Celebrate diversity, variety and beautiful gorgeous hair of all kinds, shape and texture. We are all wonderfully and beautifully made lets celebrate that.




2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On the Natural vs. Relaxed Hair Debate – Response to Kanisha Parks’ “Is The Natural Vs. Relaxed Hair Debate Perpetuating Intraracial Discrimination?””

  1. I’m glad my article inspired your response! It is important for us to have open, respectful discussions about hair and other topics without being combative or unkind. The thing to remember is that everyone’s hair and lifestyles differ, and a lot more factors into hair decisions than straight vs. curly.


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