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SheaMoisture Masterclass Lagos, Nigeria


Okay, I know am a couple of days (erm weeks) late but hey better late than never.

So I had the extreme pleasure of attending the SheaMoisture masterclass event in Lagos, Nigeria on November 3rd 2017 and it was awesome. I have to say I was very proud of my Naija Chiquitas (#Nigerianwomenrock…we just do) and I love that Shea Moisture is finally going to be in Lagos, Nigeria because honestly… I am going to keep it 100% real. There are stores that sell SheaMoisture products in Nigeria but their prices are ridiculously too high. SheaMoisture is already in Abuja but for the folks who reside mostly in Lagos…access is needed.


The event was lit with so many products, my goodie bag was popping and am not referring to the free one I got, lol. I was trying so hard to be fiscally responsible but when you have a staple product that works for your hair needs and there is an abundance of it…  at 30% off…you gonna indulge and indulge I did. Oh my wallet…whelp.

The masterclass featured sessions enlightening conversations on healthy hair and much more. There were so many hair enthusiasts at the event from Hair Experts to doctors to bloggers and vloggers who were speaking hair truths. Such as, Diane C Bailey @DianeCBailey, Global Natural Hair Stylist and Beauty Ambassador for SheaMoisture. Coco Anetor-Sokei (, Ekene from the Kink and I ( and Deola of Omogemura ( ), Emmett Dennis, Chief Marketing Officer of SheaMosture, Yewande Thorpe, Olanike Idowu, and Fav Olugu.

I was very happy with the topics and hair info being relayed to the class because there is a lot of misinformation about hair out there and people who want to go natural or not are misinformed. People who want healthy hair are also misinformed. So whenever the panel spoke some serious hair truths I was like YASSS, please educate the masses no shade but erm… some Naija salons are not really the business… seriously speaking from experience. I also thought it was cool that they also had a beard gang segment – that was fun.

One of the things I like about SheaMoisture is their product versatility. They cover low and high porosity hair needs, damaged  hair, natural, permed, transitioning, curly, and kinky hair. Lets not forget their body products, their black soap is the BUSINESS.

SheaMoisture was established in 1912 and officially launched in Lagos June 6th 2016. SheaMoisture is partnered in Nigeria with Perfect Trust Cosmetics Ltd, its foremost distributor. 




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