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I have heard of Ayurveda/Ayuvedic regimens for such a long time but I could never wrap my mind around exactly what it was or how it could be used as part of a hair care routine. I saw so many different applications and remedies every time I googled it or checked it out on YouTube. Honestly, I got overwhelmed and I was like scrap this, I am just going to go with what I know, besides my hair is doing well. But that is the thing, you can’t just give up on something just because you do not understand it or it might look too complicated. Because if you do, you will never get the full benefit of it and Ayurveda regimens are very beneficial. Ayurveda is a Holy Grail product.

Ayurveda regimens can be a lot to take in (especially when you don’t know where to start), messy and a lot work especially when time is not your friend, however, once you understand it, it is not that complicated. So, what is Ayurveda and how can it help you?

Brief History
Ayurveda is a very old holistic (whole-body) healing science, basically it is a science of life developed at least 5,000 years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depends on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda has 2 main principles: that the mind and the body are inextricably connected AND nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. Within the Ayurveda methodology, the hair is a secondary vital tissue closely linked to both the bone marrow and the central nervous system.

Ayurveda is a holistic system for the hair and body and seeing that I am all about the hair, yeap you guessed it… am just going to focus on the hair. For more on the history of Ayurveda pls. click here

Ayurveda Hair Care
The Ayurveda hair care that a lot of people talk about is simply including/incorporating Ayurveda herbs into a hair care regimen. The Ayurveda herbs are used either as a clay wash, oil, mask, gloss or tea rinse/spray. I will be sharing some of my fav hair vlogger recipes. It is your choice to use which regimen works for you. Please remember, everyone has different hair types, curl patterns, porosity, density, thickness etc. So as always, it is important to know your hair strengths, weakness and needs. You need to understand and know your hair before trying something new and how it reacts to these new products. So let’s get into the many different Ayurvedic herbs…

List of Ayurvedic Herbs
There are many ayurvedic herbs but the 31 listed below is specific for hair growth.

source: Stylecraze

#Fact: Some believe that the top 3 ayurvedic herbs are Bhringarj, Brahmi and Amalaki (Amla); but some say Henna is up there too. I say the herbs that work for your own individual hair needs can be characterized as the best. Also they are many more ayurvedic herbs, pls. click here

Caution: It is said that both neem oil and fenugreek oil are not good for pregnant women, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctors.

So now that you have an understanding of what Ayuverda Herbs are and how they can help to improve your hair, next question is how do you implement them???

The implementation of Ayurveda methodology into a hair routine is not complicated, despite the amount of information out there (true it can be overwhelming) but don’t worry, NaturalHairChiquita has this covered.

So, before I get into the nitty gritty of the clay wash, mask, gloss, oil and tea rinse/spray recipes, here are some things you need to know.

Recommended Tips before starting out with Ayurveda
TIP 1 – Only invest in the products that address your specific hair needs e.g. thinning, shedding etc.  There are many methods, there is no one right way. When starting Ayurveda, it is important to get comfortable with what you can or cannot do or use. Basically, get familiar with Ayurveda before investing a lot of money in it. For instance, knowing what oils and herbs address your specific hair needs. When I first went natural, I wasted so much money on products that were not good for my hair. So the same caution I recommend you take when first going natural, I say the same with Ayurveda regimens. Be informed and know your hair – can’t stress this enough.

TIP 2 – Ayurveda products can be acquired in herb or powder form, you can grind the herbs yourself but chiquitas please, if you can get the powder form… DO SO. Remember, Ayurveda hair regimen is simply using the Ayurveda herbs in your hair regimen. Only using a tea rinse or clay wash or hair mask or an oil as part of entire regimen is okay. The important take away is that you use the right Ayurvedic herbs for your specific hair needs.

TIP 3 – When using the Ayurveda herbs, it is (highly) advisable to include other products such as marshmallow roots (adds slip), maca roots (promotes thicker hair), essential and carrier oils, basil (stimulates scalp/hair growth) etc. These additional ingredients, which are also ayurvedic herbs, add additional nutrients and benefits to your hair.

TIP 4 – Don’t start with a hair mask. Most Ayurveda hair masks are very potent; therefore, inconsistent or insufficient moisturizing can lead to more damage. So, as a beginner with hair that is NOT super damaged, I believe it is best to start with a simpler Ayurveda regimen and as you learn more about Ayurveda and what works and does not work for you, then you can proceed with the hair mask. Only use a hair mask as a beginner if your hair is super damaged, damaged like really dry, breaking, lost its curl formation, and just lifeless and beyond thirsty.

If you do start with a strengthening mask please follow-up immediately with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Because if the mask is too strong, the hair will strengthen true but it will be dry and can easily break because it does not have enough moisture.

TIP 5 – When applying the mask, clay or gloss please DO NOT use a comb to comb the product through your hair. Use your hands only, coating the hair strands thoroughly.

TIP 6 – Include in your regimen: –

A tea rinse or spray (just not any green tea but a tea rinse that includes Ayurvedic herbs).
Ayurveda gloss
Clay washes (Not all clay washes are ayurvedic herbs i.e Rhassoul Clay)
*Ayurveda Hair mask (depending on IF your hair is super damaged. If not, then the hair mask can later be incorporated in your hair regimen after you become more accustomed to Ayurveda).
An Ayurvedic oil mixture (oil that includes the Ayurveda herbs)
Aloe Vera powder (if you want to or have access to it)
Aloe Vera juice because it compliments Ayurveda powders especially Henna and Amla. Aloe Vera is very good in balancing the strengthening properties of Ayurvedic powders.

If you decide to start using Ayurveda masks, teas and glosses, when you use a mask DO NOT USE an Ayurvedic tea or gloss in the next week, give your hair a break. You can then use a tea or gloss after two weeks, same with the 3rd and 4th week. In the 5th week, you can use the mask again. So, if you use a hair mask week 0, week 1 don’t use a tea or gloss. Week 2, 3 and 4 you can use a gloss and tea in your hair regimen and in week 5 go ahead with your hair mask.

The Nitty – Gritty (Recipes)
Here are some Ayurveda hair regimes I believe can be very helpful, I will list the vloggers, their methodology and provide a link to their vlogs. Please keep in mind that these vloggers hair texture, type, porosity, density and thickness play a major factor in how they care for their hair. They all don’t use the same ayurvedic powders and they all don’t have the same wash schedule. You do not have to follow these recipes, you can make your own. Use whatever herbs work for your hair needs and you can start with a small amount and work to a higher amount as you become more familiar and knowledgable with what you are doing.

Vlogger Curly Proverbz (CP) Recipes

Vlogger Curly Proverbz (CP):- She uses her Ayurveda regime for mad growth, health and shine (her words). There are multiple links of hers (provided below). Also, she is partnered with Belle Bar Organics to provide Ayurveda herbs packaged and ready to use.

Curly Proverbz’s Gloss Recipes

Cassia Gloss Recipe
1 tsp or 1 tbsp. Cassia (you can substitute with your favorite/accessible ayurvedic herb or herbs you don’t have to use cassia)
A bit of water to make a paste
2 to 3 hefty tbsp. of moisturizing deep conditioner
Stir/Mix well

#Fact: Curly Proverbz uses the Belle Bar’s Cassisa gloss product which consist of other ingredients apart from the Cassia herb. You don’t have to use Belle Bar glosses or mask. They are many natural hair chiquitas that buy their choice of ayurvedic powders, other ingredients and mix with their oils and deep conditioners and their hair is healthy. CP also uses her Belle Bar’s Henna Gloss product for both her Henna Gloss and Mask recipes as well. This product also contains additional ingredients. Pls. click here for Bell Bar’s Cassia gloss ingredients.
Cassia Gloss Link 

Henna Gloss
#Henna Tips: When working with Henna, use a penetrating oil to prevent the changing of your hair color. The use of Indigo also aids in preventing the change of hair color, Indigo and Henna helps in dying grey hair back to black. But you must apply the Henna first to treat the hair (after treating, wash, condition and deep condition) then go in with the indigo. Henna turns grey hair to orange. The use cold water instead of hot water helps to prevent your hair changing color.

1 tsp of Henna
A bit of water to give it a gooey paste consistency. Let it sit for at least 4 hours (max 24 hours) to release the henna dye
1 Avocado or banana blended with a bit of water and sieved (to remove the bits)
1 tbsp. of olive oil or extra virgin olive oil cold pressed if you have access to it. Optional

#Tip 1:  When rinsing out the above gloss mixture, using a moisturizing co-wash or moisturizing conditioner helps.
#Tip 2: Any leftovers can be frozen.

CP’s Henna Gloss second method
1 tsp of Henna
Add a bit of water to the henna, just enough to make a gooey consistency, let it sit for at least 4 hours (max 24 hours) to release the henna dye                                                                2 hefty tbsp. of moisturizing deep conditioner
Mix/Stir well

*CP uses her Belle Bar Organics Henna gloss which does not only contains Henna but other ingredients as well such as Marshmallow roots, ACV, Green Tea, Maca Root etc. Pls. click here for Bell Bar’s Henna gloss/mask ingredients.

Implementation of Ayurveda gloss into your hair care regime
Pre-poo (Optional but I say it is a necessity)
Wash or co-wash your hair
Tea rinse (optional, if you do this step here you don’t have to do the tea spray)
Deep condition/condition with the gloss – leave in your hair for a while (30 – 45mins or 1hr) then rinse off or deep condition with a heated cap, steamer or hooded drier. Apply from roots to end thoroughly
Tea Spray (optional if you do this step here then you do not have to the tea rinse)LOC/LCO
Leave-in condition
Seal with you Ayurvedic infused oil or fav oil OR seal with a cream or milk
Style as you wish

#Tip: Your tea rinse or spray does not have to be ayurvedic but it is better for your hair if it is (in my opinion). When doing the tea rinse, make sure that you distribute the tea from your roots all the way to the ends of your hair. Let it sit for 10 mins, you can go up to 15 mins if you want; then use your moisturizing deep conditioner without rinsing out the tea rinse. This helps with post postpartum shedding, hair loss, thinning hair and stagnant hair growth.
Henna Gloss with/without Avocado/Banana Link

Curly Proverbz’s Mask Recipe
½ cup of Cassia (Again you can add your choice of ayuverdic herbs)
½ cup Henna
½ cup Aloe Vera Powder
Aloe Vera juice or water (just enough to make a paste)
1 tbsp. Fenugreek seed (grind the seeds, add oil (oil that works with your hair) then sieve, and then add to the mixture)
Stir/Mix well
Let it sit for 4 hours while covered with a cling film or in an air sealed container

Implementation of Ayurveda Hair Mask into your hair care regime
Apply to dry hair (from root to ends)
Use a cling film or shower cap
After some hours (1 hour is fine, CP left hers for 4 hours)
Rinse out then Wash out
Deep condition with a regular deep conditioner (some people condition for 15 to 30 mins, using either a heated cap, plastic cap, steamer or hooded drier)
Style as you want

#Tip: Make sure it is your hair strands that you are coating with the mask and DO NOT Deep Condition with your Ayurveda Mask Treatment. Also, it is said that applying the henna mask to dirty hair is not as effective as applying the henna mask to clean hair Not wet hair but clean hair.
Updated Hair Mask (Henna and Cassia) Link

Curly Proverbz’s Clay Wash Recipes

Morrocan Rhassoul Clay Wash (Rhassoul is not an ayurvedic herb)
¼ Cup Morrocan Rhassoul Clay
¼ Cup Aloe Vera juice
1 tablespoon of Rose water (optional)
10 drops of your essential oils.
Add More water or Aloe Vera juice to achieve desired viscosity. There 3 different ways in wish you can use Rhassoul Clay Wash pls. click here for more information.

Shikakai Clay Wash
4 Tsp. Shikakai
Aloe vera juice to achieve the desired thickness
2 Tbsp. of Aloe Vera powder

Aritha Clay Wash
2 Tbsp. Aritha
2 Tbsp of Aloe Vera powder and Aloe Vera juice and
1 Tbsp. of Rose water- quantity depends on thickness you require.

Hibiscus Clay Wash
2 Tbsp. Rhassouls clay
2 Tbsp. Hibiscus
1 Tbsp. Rose powder
Aloe Vera juice quantity depends on the thickness you require.

Implementation of Ayurveda Clay Wash into your hair care regime
Just like any regular wash day –
Pre-poo (although pre-poo is optional, I say it is a necessity), you can detangle here OR
Detangle with a conditioner
Apply your choice of clay wash, massage into scalp
Leave the clay wash in for about 20 mins (clay wash also conditions your hair)
Rinse out (you can use a co-wash to help with cleansing out of the clay wash)
Deep condition with your choice of deep conditioner, you can even use your ayurvedic gloss (optional)
Depending on how you style your hair whether as a wash-n-go, apply your leave-in and seal-in with an oil, cream or milk. Basically LCO/LOC.
Also, you can apply a tea rinse or tea spray in this process if you want to.

#Fact: CP advises not to detangle your hair with the clay wash in but FusionofCultures finger detangles her hair with her clay wash. I personal don’t see how you can’t finger detangle your hair with your clay wash especially when you work the clay wash into your hair strands, coating the strands with the clay wash.
Clay Wash Link

Curly Proverbz’s Ayurvedic Oil Recipe
2 cups of coconut oil or 1 cup olive oil and 1 cup coconut oil (don’t use coconut oil if allergic, use another oil that works for you)
1 Tbsp. of Aloe Vera powder
1 Tbsp. rose powder
3 Tbsp. fenugreek
1 Tbsp. of Curly Proverbz’ tea
10 drops of peppermint 10 drops of rosemary
Let it sit for days (2-4) so the herbs can permeate then strain

Implementation of Ayurveda Oil Treatment into your hair care regime
Use as a hot oil during pre-pooing, as a sealant (LOC/LCO). Use it after a tea spray and it is great for scalp massages.
Oil Link

Tea Rinse/Spray Recipe
1 tsp Henna (after a while u can go up to 1 tbsp.)
½ tsp Amla (if you use a tbsp. of Henna then use 1 tsp of Amla)
½ tsp Brahmi (optional)
½ Shikakai (same quantity as the Amla you add)
A couple of drops Lavender essential oil
A couple of drops Tea tree essential oil
Use hot water not boiling hot water
Mix well in your mug
Sit over night or for 4 to 12 hours
Put the muslin cloth over an empty jug and hold that in place with an elastic band then pour your tea mix into the covered jug. Strain the content properly.

#Fact: CP has an updated ayurvedic tea that she sells through Belle Barr Organic, so you can buy it from there or make it yourself pls. click here for the ingredients.

#Tip1: You don’t have to use these specific ayurvedic herbs you can use your choice of ayurvedic herbs.

#Tip2: You can use a muslin cloth or cheesecloth or new cheap tights as a strainer

Implementation of Ayurveda Tea Rinse/Spray into your hair care regime
Apply as a tea rinse after wash or co-wash, let it sit for some time 10 to15 mins then apply your deep conditioner ( remember not to wash off the tea rinse) or apply as a spray after deep conditioning but before LCO/LOC.
Tea Rinse/Spray Link

Vlogger Finally Fiona (FF) Recipes
FF uses a Henna Gloss, again different ayurvedic herbs for different people. I cannot stress out how important it is to use an ayurvedic herb that works for your own hair needs.

Henna Gloss Recipe
1 Tbsp Henna
½ tsp Amla Powder
1 tsp Marshmallow root
½ tsp Maca Powder
Aloe Vera Juice enough to make a paste
Sit for 4 hours to let the henna release its dye
Then add 1 cup Moisturizing deep conditioner
Store left over product in freezer then bring out the night before you want to use it so it can defrost to room temperature.

Herbal Tea Rinse/Spray Recipe
1 tsp Lavender
1 tsp Sage
1 Green tea bag
1 tsp Bamboo tea
Boiled Aloe Vera juice
Steep for 5 mins then pour it into a filter once cooled put it in a spray bottle.
This mixture can be stored in the fridge.

Use this spray on the scalp and strands, every other day, follow it up with a moisturizer and seal in the moisturizer with either an oil or butter.

Ayurvedic Oil Recipe
I say use the oils that work for your hair porosity if you have low porosity hair don’t use heavy oils, pls. click here for more information on oils.

100 ml Grape seed oil
50 ml Castor Oil
1 tsp Horse tail Powder
1 tsp Saw Palmetto Powder
1 tsp MSM
2 Tbsp. Fenugreek Powder
1 tsp Amla Powder
1 tsp Bhringraj Powder
Drops of Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils (your choice of the number of drops)Create the mixture and allow it to sit in a cool and dark cupboard for 3 to 4 days to let the powder and herbs release themselves then filter the oil, pour in a bottle for use.
The oil can be used daily

How to Implement – Adjust according to your preference. i.e. to gloss only or tea only
Pre-poo treatment with a blend of Avocado, almond and olive oil (again use whatever oil works for you and you can use an ayurvedic oil here)
Shampoo your hair with your choice of shampoo OR clay wash
Apply the Henna Gloss Deep conditioning treatment, apply from root to tip.
You can leave it in for 1 hour with just a plastic cap, you can use either a hooded drier, heated cap or a steamer.
Rinse the henna gloss out completely
Detangle your hair with a conditioner (optional)
Use the Ayurveda tea spray (if you use the tea rinse, then do it before deep conditioning)Then use your leave-in, LOC/LCO
Seal with a butter or your oil mix (you can use your ayurvedic oil) or milk

#Tip: FF adds a few drops of essential oils in all the hair products she uses…smart!!! Mask, Oil and Tea Rinse Mixture link

Vlogger FusionofCultures (FC) Sheabiscus Rainforest Deep Treatment (Hibiscus gloss)
2 Tbsp. Shea butter (FC uses her own mix – Wildseed Botanical Whipped Shea Butter)
2 – 4 Tbsp. Deep conditioner
1 Tbsp. Oil mix (she uses her own oil mix)
1 Tbsp. Black castor oil
1 Tbsp. Honey (as a humectant)
5 drops Rosemary essential oil
1 Tbsp. Amla powder
1 Tbsp. Hibiscus powder
1 Tbsp. Bamboo powder

How to implement in your hair care regime
Detangle hair
Pre-poo – optional
Apply the Sheabiscus Rainforest Deep conditioner from roots to ends
Steam hair using either a hooded drier, steamer, heated cap or a plastic cap
Rinse out
Wash the hair with a clay wash or your choice shampoo
Rinse out competely

#Fact: Despite the red pigmentation of hibiscus powder, your hair won’t change color.
Yes, I know she deep conditioned her hair then washed it. Do whatever works for you.
Sheabiscus Gloss Link

How you use Ayurveda herbs is really up to you and your preference. But as I always say, always study your hair’s reaction to anything new you use.

In summary, there are many Ayurveda applications – clay wash, mask, gloss, tea rinse/spray and oil. In my opinion, the best away to use Ayurveda to get its maximum benefits is not to overdo it and make sure your hair stays moisturized.

So to simplify all of the above to a simple hair regime…

A Summarized Ayurveda Hair Regime

Option 1 – Incorporating the clay wash, oil and gloss
Pre-poo with your ayurvedic oil mix or any oil mix you have (you can detangle your hair during this stage)
Detangle your hair with a conditioner (optional)
Apply Clay mix to wet hair post detangling and massage into scalp as you apply the clay and leave in for 20 mins (this can double up as a conditioner)
Rinse out properly
Ayurvedic Tea rinse (Optional. If you do this step here, you don’t have to do the tea spray. Do not rinse out the tea rinse before the next step)
Deep condition with your gloss or a moisturizing deep conditioner
Ayurvedic Tea spray (Optional. If you do this step here then you don’t have to do the tea rinse above)
LCO or LOC seal in your hair with your ayurvedic oil mix or any oil mix

Option 2 – Gloss Only
Pre-poo with any oil mix you have (Ayuverdic or otherwise)
Wash your hair with you preferred, cleanser or shampoo or co-wash
Ayurvedic Tea rinse (if you do this step here, you don’t have to do the tea spray. Do not rinse out the tea rinse before the next step)
Deep condition with your gloss
Ayurvedic Tea spray (if you do this step here then you don’t have to do the tea rinse above)
LCO or LOC seal in your hair with your ayurvedic oil mix or any oil mix you have

Option 3 – Ayurveda Tea Rinse/Spray Only
Pre-poo with any oil mix you have (Ayuverdic or otherwise)
Wash your hair with you preferred cleanser or shampoo or co-wash
Ayurvedic Tea rinse – (if you do this step here you don’t have to do the tea spray. Do not rinse out the tea rinse before the next step)
Deep condition with your preferred deep conditioner
Ayurvedic Tea spray (if you do this step here then you don’t have to do the tea rinse above)
LCO or LOC seal in your hair with your ayurvedic oil mix or any oil mix you have

Option 4 – Hair Mask Only
Wash Hair, let it air dry, apply hair mask OR Apply mask to dry unwashed hair.
Leave in for a while (anywhere from 1 to 4 hours)
Wash your hair with you preferred cleanser or shampoo. Alternative would be to co-wash
Condition (optional)
Deep condition with your preferred deep conditioner
LCO or LOC sealing your hair with your ayurvedic oil mix or any oil mix you have

*Remember when you use the  Ayurvedic mask you DO NOT use a gloss or tea





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