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Allure’s “Lupita Nyong’o Opens Up About the Looks She and Her Hairstylist Created for Allure’s March Issue” by Michelle Lee


I came across this great Luptia Nyong’o Allure Article by Michelle Lee where Lupita talks about her hair, like real talk about her beautiful black kinky coils and it was everything.

This is the first celebrity hair article I have read in a while that truly discusses real black hair issues, care and maintenance. Many times I have read some celebrity hair articles where they just skim over proper hair care.They say some key words like moisture and oil, but I always came away from those articles like there is so much more to black hair.

But this article spoke about so much more…

How hard it is to find a community of and for black hair in a foreign country and I have been there. When I was in a small city in a foreign country, I remember doing my hair whenever I visited family in major cities. It was always braids because they lasted longer.

How YouTube can be very overwhelming with the amount of information on there. For example, the different DIY deep conditioners (honey, avocado and bananas).

The struggle of hair regimens and how time-consuming they can be.

Natural hair lingo, LOC and natural shea butter (A Holy Grail Product) not just shea butter but specifically the natural kind.

What I found very true and relatable was when Lupita spoke on the lack of professional natural hair stylists. There are a significant number of professional hair stylists for the general public that do not know how to treat and care for natural hair. Lupita spoke on her experience while she was in Kenya and the sad truth is, that is the case in many African and Non-African Countries. When I was a child growing up in Nigeria, natural hair care was everywhere but as I grew up I saw the decline in the education and knowledge of natural hair care. Like you go to any professional black hair salon in most countries and they can perm your hair, slay your wig and weave but if you go there with your natural kinks or coils, you will get blank stare and multiple blinks.

Anyway, I love this article and I think it is a great read.



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