Belle Bar Organic Henna Gloss

Henna Gloss

Image: finenaturalhairandfaith

Henna – deeply conditions/ prevent hair loss/ mends hair cuticles/ add luster, shine and volume
Marshmallow Root – adds slip/ prevent breakage/ moisturizes and conditions /promotes hair growth/ improves hair health/ detangles
Avocado Oil – soften dry and brittle split ends/ hydrating/ coats hair
Green Tea – boost hair growth/ adds shine/ stimulate follicles/ prevent hair loss
Apple Cider Vinegar – rids split ends/ combats tangles
Maca Root – promotes thicker stronger hair
Saw Palmetto – promotes hair health/ prevent hair loss
Basil –  stimulates scalp/ hair growth/ improves strength of hair shaft/ reduce brittleness and hair breakage

#Note: – Unfortunately I do not have the measurements of the ingredients listed above. But I would suggest ½ tsp of each product listed above if using with the same quantity of the Henna gloss recipe. which is 1 tsp of Henna.