Carrier Oils

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When Incorporating natural hair oils in to your hair care and regime. You will need to know the shelf life of the oils before purchasing them. Essential oils don’t expire but carrier oils can go rancid and will no longer benefit your hair.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – This is a lightweight oil that contains vitamin E which is very good for the hair and has a shelf life of 1-2 years. A lot of women and not just natural hair women use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) for their hair, it is one of the most effective oils out there. EVCO has many awesome benefits, such as:

Keeps hair shiny, strong and healthy and locks in moisture.

  • Reduces hair loss and shredding, as a result of improved circulation that boosts nutrients and oxygen in one’s scalp. Which can lead to longer and thicker hair.
  • Full of lovely nutrients, plus it is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

But there is a catch, now EXCO is lightweight and works well with Low Porosity (LP) hair with heat (remember LP hair struggles to absorb products so one will need heat to open the hair cuticles for the oil to penetrate) but if you are allergic to EVCO then it will not help you and in fact will hinder your hair growth like it did me. I was using EVCO and I realized that my hair was very dry. Not only was I using EVCO I was using coconut deep conditioning products. As you well know, dryness leads to breakage and shedding. So I had to drop this.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is a thick, heavyweight oil but it is so good. It is nutrient rich – loaded with vitamins such as D and E and also B vitamins (niacin and biotin) which help restore/fight bald patches. In addition, EVOO is loaded with mono-unsaturated fatty acid – a definite plus as it works in conditioning, protecting and nourishing the hair. An additional plus is EVOO helps in the fight against dandruff and product build up. It is also used in deep conditioning, sealing split ends and strengthening the hair from the inside out. It has a shelf life of about 2 years.

Avocado oil – Many sites claim that this is either a heavy weight or lightweight oil but I believe it is a heavyweight oil. I don’t believe it is as heavy as Castor oil and because it is heavyweight, it will work best on medium to thick hair and not fine hair. For fine hair you do not want to use heavy oils or products because it will weigh the hair down and its shelf life is about 1 year. There are many benefits of Avocado oil such as:-

  • To enhance a moisturizer
  • As a carrier oil
  • To add slip to a deep conditioner
  • To enhance pre-poo treatment
  • For finger detangling
  • Can be used as the O in the LOC method or the O in the LOCO method. LOCO is the same as the LOC but there is an additional O. The additional O is used as a heavier sealing oil to provide a stronger barrier against moisture loss.
  • On hair ends to undo twists or braids. Cuts back on too much hair manipulation and shedding of the hair.
  • To enhance a cheap conditioner
  • To massage one’s edges
  • To refresh a style.


Sweet Almond Oil – This is a light weight oil that has high amounts of vitamins A, B, and E. Its benefits are – it heals split ends, improves scalp circulation, adds shine to dull hair and works as a good sealant.  Additionally, its fatty acids provide UV protection by reflecting harmful rays, while the vitamin E in it makes strands grow longer and stronger. It has a shelf life of about 1 year.

Castor Oil (Jamaican Black) – This is a thick and heavy oil that works in improving hair growth (It helps to stimulate hair follicles) because of its unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, protein and minerals. Also, castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties plus its shelf life is indefinite. But if you have Low Porosity (LP) hair this oil is not for you. It will just sit on your hair and will not penetrate or improve your hair unless used with heat.


Castor Oil – This is a thick oil as well but it is not the same as Jamaican Black Castor oil. One difference is that this is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with mild or no odor or taste. It is rich in ricinoleic acid and can be used to treat skin conditions such as fungal infections. It nourishes hair and prevents the scalp from drying by retaining moisture. When Castor oil is added to hair care products, it helps to seal moisture, softens, and visibly thickens hair. Castor oil can also be used by itself on the hair to seal in moisture. Some say this oil’s shelf life is about 1 year.


Vitamin E Oil – This oil is found in most of the carrier oils. It contains antioxidants that help to keep the immune system up and improves circulation to all parts of the body, including the scalp. This oil rejuvenates and offers protection for the scalp and skin.


Jojoba oil – This is the one natural oil that is closest to the scalp’s natural oil (sebum), because of its closeness to sebum, jojoba oil is absorbed immediately.  It is also very healthy as it is loaded with nutrients. It contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E and anti-bacterial properties which is good for the scalp because such properties keep the scalp healthy, stimulate hair growth, adds thickens and help retain moisture in the hair strands. Additional benefit is that the oil is lightweight and non-sticky. Its shelf life is about a year but some sites suggest it can last indefinitely.


Grapeseed Oil – A lightweight oil that strengths the hair and helps fight dry scalp and dandruff. An additional benefit of the oil is that it can be used as a heat protectant. Its shelf life is about 1 year.

Wheat Germ oil (WGO) – This is a light weight oil that aids in the prevention and reversal of some forms of hair loss. Wheat germ oil is also very useful for chiquitas with dry hair. It has the richest source of Vitamin E than other natural oils and it is rich in protein. Just like Argan oil, WGO is rich in omega 6 fatty acid and linoleic.

Other Carrier oils

Babassu Oil – This is a light weight oil and very similar to Coconut oil. However, it is lighter than coconut oil. It does not clog pores and it is a great moisturizer for both the hair and skin. You can use this oil as a sealant and also as a pre-poo treatment and as a boost for your conditioner. But it is much harder to find but then again, Amazon is your friend.

Argan oil – This is a lightweight oil with a shelf life of about 2 years. This oil contains vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids which provide rich nutrition for the hair. It also contains linoleic and oleic acid to condition the strands. Due to its light weight it is easy for the oil to penetrate the hair shaft, repair damaged hair follicles and restore lost moisture. Using it as a hair oil restores lost luster from hair straightening and other chemical treatments, also helps keep color vibrant, prevents dryness and acts as a shield against harmful UV rays and environmental pollution.  Source: –

Pomegranate seed oil – This is a lesser known carrier oil, at least to me. It is said that the oil contains punicic acid which revitalizes dull strands and increase flexibility. It also protects the hair against environmental pollutants, further protecting one’s hair.

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