Essential Oils

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There are many different essential oils in the market, so your choice for essential oils is up to your hair needs and wants. So if your issue is dry scalp you will need lavender essential oil, tea tree oil for dandruff, rosemary to grow hair faster, and peppermint for itchy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

Below are a list of some pretty common essential oils used in the natural hair community.

Lavender Oil:  Lavender oil is a good treatment for dandruff and itching, helpful in controlling hair breakage and improving hair growth. It is widely known to treat alopecia areata, a condition of excessive hair loss, especially in patches. Daily massage with lavender oil has proven to help significant re-growth and gives you the results in a few months. Lavender oil blends well with many other essential oils including jojoba, rosemary and tea tree oils. Additional plus, it is good for all hair types.  ( Yes, Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil can also be purchased as an essential oil but the bottle must say jojoba essential or pure oil not jojoba oil)

Chamomile Oil:  Chamomile is known to soothe the hair and scalp; in fact, it is the most soothing of the essential oils for the hair and scalp so some say. Chamomile helps to treat skin cells that have been inflamed from chemical procedures and harsh weather conditions and helps with itching scaly scalp and dandruff.

Peppermint Oil: This oil helps to stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair, helping the hair to receive proper nourishment and as a result, there is hair growth. The tingly feeling of peppermint oil felt on the scalp is actually the stimulation of blood flow to hair.

Rosemary Oil: This oil is used in the treatment of dandruff problems and flaky itchy scalp. Rosemary oil stimulates the hair follicles; as a result, hair can grow longer and stronger.

Tea Tree Oil:  This oil helps to keep the scalp free of bacterial and fungal problems. Tea tree oil unblocks the sebaceous glands and encourage the flow of the scalp’s own moisturizing oils while clearing away dead skin cells. Tea tree oil mixed with other essential oils is especially good as a scalp treatment for relieving dandruff.

Lemon Oil:  This is especially beneficial for oily hair, it is recommended that persons with dry hair not use lemon oil. Lemon oil is a drying and clarifying oil hence being good for oil scalp and hair. It is a good treatment for scalp acne, dandruff, lice, and under-active sebaceous glands.

Myrrh Oil: This oil you can say is the opposite of Lemon Oil. That is where Lemon Oil works well with oily hair and scalp, Myrrh oil is very good for dry hair. It helps with the treatment for dry scalp, dandruff problems and under-active sebaceous glands.

Ylang Ylang: Good for achieving and maintaining a healthy scalp. Helps to normalize sebum production on the scalp.