Hair Thesaurus / Glossary / Vocabulary

ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar – Used for many things:-

  1. Used to seal cuticle as a final rinse
  2. Used as a conditioner
  3. Used as a clarifier, (I use it first before washing my hair)
  4. Used as a facial toner
  5. Used for tummy pains
  6. Balancing pH
  7. Dandruff and itchy scalp relief

APL: Arm Pit Length Hair

BAA: Big Ass Afro

Baggy: Using either a shower cap or a plastic bag (nylon bag) on your head overnight for deep conditioning your hair.

BC: Big Chop – Cutting of all of the relaxed hair and leaving only the new growth starting fresh.

BNC: Braid or plait the hair and rolling the ends of the individual plaits using rollers, rods or flexi rods to curl the ends.

BSL: Bra Strap Length Hair

BSS: Beauty Supply Store

Build up – Product build up on the scalp. This is not a good thing because build up is the cause behind dandruff, itchy scalp, flakes, hair fall and a gamut of other hair problems. Hence, you want to prevent scalp build up in the first place.

Clarifier – Products (such as shampoos) that cleanses the hair and removes build up

CBL: Collar Bone Length Hair

Co-Wash: Using conditioner only or co-wash products to wash the hair instead of shampoo

Cones: Non water soluble ingredients such as silicones found in hair care products (HCP). Silicone products remaining in the hair can lead to build up, which can then lead to dry hair and breakage (I can testify to this). Shampooing NOT co-wash but shampooing is the effective way to wash silicones out of the hair.

Cuticle – This is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It is a hard shingle-like layer of overlapping cells, some five to twelve deep. It is formed from dead cells which form scales that gives the hair shaft strength and do the best job of providing protection for it. Chiquitas… you so wanna protect this.

Detangling – Is the process of removing and/or knots form your hair, either while moisturizing or prior to washing (pre-poo phase).  A wide tooth comb or  fingers are either used in this process.

DT/DC: This is known as a deep treatment or deep condition. DT/DC is when you condition the hair with a moisturizing agent such has a deep mask treatment, protein treatment etc.

Dusting: Cutting/trimming a very little amount of the hair (preferable the dead ends).

EO: Essential Oils, they help to stimulate blood flow in the scalp and therefore promote hair growth. For more details pls. click here

EVCO: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hair Porosity – Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. How well one’s hair maintains moisture is the key to healthy, glorious, lengthy and beautiful hair. For more details pls. click HERE

HG: Holy Grail, products that have proven their worth, they work!!!

HIH: Hand in Hair

LOC: Liquid Oil and Cream

LCO: Liquid Cream and Oil – for the LP’s Chiquitas

LOCO: Liquid Oil Cream and Oil – the last oil is used as a barrier tp prevent escape of moisture.

LCOG: Liquid  Cream Oil and Gel

MBL: Mid Back Length Hair

Moisture – The presence of a liquid, especially water often in trace amounts in the hair

Nappyversary: The anniversary of the day you became natural

No-poo: Another name for co-washing. Basically you are not using shampoo to wash your hair.

Pineappleing: This is for the long hair chiquitas, pineappleing is a way to protect and preserve curls for second day hair (preserving the hair for the next day/next day hair). So if you have the hair for it, you just pack it in a high but loose pony tail on top of your head and sleep on a satin pillowcase/with a satin night cap and then the next day, you take it down and shake it out GENTLY and if done right your curls have been saved/preserved.

PJ: Product Junky. A person that purchases any and all hair care products that they come across. My dear chiquitas, hair care products are not cheap especially the natural/organic ones. You gotta protect your coins.

Plopping: Using a t-shirt or a friendly material like a terry cloth to dry your hair instead of using a towel to dry your hair. Furthermore, this method actually dries the hair faster and it is way gentler on the natural hair curls, coils and kinks – less breaking and cutting of the hair when drying.

Pre-pooing: A treatment applied to the hair before shampooing. Basically a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning treatment applied the night before shampooing or immediately (20, 30 or 45 minutes) before shampooing (some people use heat (a steamer – my personal preference), some by wrapping their hair in a t-shirt, shower cap or either a heated towel or non-heated towel) depending on your preference.

Sealing: Sealing of moisture in the hair (people use either creams or oils to seal in the moisture (water) in their hair) especially the ends of the hair (ends of the hair is oldest part of the hair and as a result need TLC (tender love and care)

Search and Destroy (S&D): Lol love this term. This is the cutting of split ends, crooked end and a single strand knot. Note, I recommend getting a good pair of scissors that you will use only for cutting your hair. Don’t switch between different types of scissors or use dull scissors for you will only do more damage to your hair.

Slip: After watching tons and tons of hair vloggers, I finally figured out what this term means, smh (shaking my head). So when hair vloggers say their product (always talking about conditioners) has great slip, they are talking about how slippery their product is. The greater the slip the better the product (conditioners) because the product (conditioners) will effectively coat the hair and help in detangling with less snapping of the hair and causing less damage and hair breakage.

SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, found in harsh shampoos. Most if not all naturals don’t believe it is good for the hair – I whole heartedly agree.

TNC: Twist – n- Curl. Twisting the hair and rolling the ends.

Transitioning: The period of time since one’s last relaxer. Most naturals when talking about how they went from straight hair to coils, curls, or kinks (depending on your hair type) they always say 2 things. They either big chopped or transitioned ( I transitioned, am so not a girly girl but the idea of big chopping my hair and rocking my weird shaped head was so not appealing.)

TWA: Teeny Weeny Afro (short hair)

Twist Out: Two strand twist the hair, dry the hair either by air drying or sitting under a dryer, take the twists apart, and style. Most people use oils (coconut, olive, jojoba or tea tree) to loosen the strands. Helps prevent hair breakage as you loosen the strands.

Wash and Go (WnG/W&G): Co-wash your hair, add a styler (gel or cream) and GO. Your hair dries out as you go about your day. Some people use diffusers, I just let my hair air dry and then I discovered that WnG was so not for me.

Water Only (WO) – Honestly I have not tried it yet but I have heard great things. This method uses only water (warm) in place of shampoo to cleanse the hair from dirt, product build up and excess oils, while utilizing the hairs natural oils to protect and nourish the hair, making it soft, silky and hydrated.