One of the most essential products needed for good healthy hair is Oil. Even the scalp produces its own natural oil (sebum) for the hair.  Oil is important for the upkeep of one’s hair because it is good for conditioning, treating dandruff, stimulating growth and locking in moisture.

There are two main categories of oils, Carrier oils and Essentials oils and we need both types of oil for our hair care.

Carrier oils – Carrier oils are vegetable oils derived from plants. They can do many things such as penetrate the inner cortex of the hair shaft for conditioning, they work well to seal moisture by creating a light barrier on the exterior of the hair cuticle. When used in conjunction with essential oils, they “carry” the oils to your skin and hair, this is because essential oils are highly concentrated, very potent, extremely light weight and evaporate quickly. The carrier oils hold/lock the essential oils so they do not evaporate. Pls. click here for more details on the different carrier oils.

Essential Oils – Essential oils are plant-based oils and because of their light, molecular weight and water-like consistency they are NOT used for sealing moisture (essential oils evaporate quickly). Instead they are used for the scalp because they are great as scalp stimulators and have both healing and restorative properties but because of their heavy concentration and very potent nature, they are usually used sparingly but again with carrier oils. Pls click here for more details on different essential oils.