Understanding Low Porosity

The 411 on Low Porosity

When it comes to Low Porosity (LP) Hair there is one basic thing that every Chiquita needs to know and understand – absorption of products such as oils and creams is a struggle and maintaining moisture in the hair is very hard. Creams don’t work on LP hair without heat, I love shea butter but if my cuticles are not opened then whelp, shea butter will just sit on my hair and do nothing.

So why is it so hard for LP hair to absorb moisture? Because LP hair’s cuticles are shut and lay flat, the cuticles are closed… always. The hair cuticles need help to be opened, help such as heat or products that can help lift the cuticles safely without damaging the hair. Products that help lift the cuticles safely are: – baking soda products and glycerin (pls. note that you do not want to use too much alkaline products in your hair, because you should always strive to maintain a good pH balance for your hair and scalp, pls. click here for more info).

So, for those of us Chiquitas with LP hair – we need to stay away from heavy creams, heavy oils and products that have low pH (low pH products have more acidity and will further prevent the hair from further absorbing moisture).

We also need to use lightweight oils, water based products and products that can help lift the cuticles safely and temporarily for better moisture absorption. Another way to adapt a non-lightweight product you may currently own/use is to dilute it with water. Products such as leave – in conditioners, co-wash conditioners and shampoos can be mixed/diluted with water before use, making it more absorbable by your hair. This method has been adopted by some LP chiquitas.

Please note that because LP is resistant to moisture, it often tends to be protein sensitive so if you have been wondering why many protein treatments you have been doing hasn’t / isn’t working, well now you know why.

So, is protein goodness forever abolished for us LP Chiquitas???? NOPE. Even though most proteins are too heavy and large for LP’s cuticles, there are 3 types of proteins that work well with LP hair structure and they are:- Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Protein and Wheat Protein. So when purchasing hair product be on the lookout for products that contain these types of proteins.

But what if you use heat for regular protein treatments, then it could/should work; but if not then erm you might just be allergic to protein or that specific protein treatment just does not work for your hair. I can eat coconut but to put coconut on my hair is a very bad idea.