Recommended Tips Before Starting Out With Ayurveda

Things you need to know…

TIP 1 – Only invest in the products that address your specific hair needs e.g. thinning, shedding etc.  There are many methods, there is no one right way. When starting Ayurveda, it is important to get comfortable with what you can or cannot do or use. Basically, get familiar with Ayurveda before investing a lot of money in it. For instance, knowing what oils and herbs address your specific hair needs. When I first went natural, I wasted so much money on products that were not good for my hair. So the same caution I recommend you take when first going natural, I say the same with Ayurveda regimens. Be informed and know your hair – can’t stress this enough.

TIP 2 – Ayurveda products can be acquired in herb or powder form, you can grind the herbs yourself but chiquitas please, if you can get the powder form… DO SO. Remember, Ayurveda hair regimen is simply using the Ayurveda herbs in your hair regimen. Only using a tea rinse or clay wash or hair mask or an oil as part of entire regimen is okay. The important take away is that you use the right Ayurvedic herbs for your specific hair needs.

TIP 3 – When using the Ayurveda herbs, it is (highly) advisable to include other products such as marshmallow roots (adds slip), maca roots (promotes thicker hair), essential and carrier oils, basil (stimulates scalp/hair growth) etc. These additional ingredients, which are also ayurvedic herbs, add additional nutrients and benefits to your hair.

TIP 4 – Don’t start with a hair mask. Most Ayurveda hair masks are very potent; therefore, inconsistent or insufficient moisturizing can lead to more damage. So, as a beginner with hair that is NOT super damaged, I believe it is best to start with a simpler Ayurveda regimen and as you learn more about Ayurveda and what works and does not work for you, then you can proceed with the hair mask. Only use a hair mask as a beginner if your hair is super damaged, damaged like really dry, breaking, lost its curl formation, and just lifeless and beyond thirsty.

If you do start with a strengthening mask please follow-up immediately with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Because if the mask is too strong, the hair will strengthen true but it will be dry and can easily break because it does not have enough moisture.

TIP 5 – When applying the mask, clay or gloss please DO NOT use a comb to comb the product through your hair. Use your hands only, coating the hair strands thoroughly.

TIP 6 – Include in your regimen: –

  • A tea rinse or spray (just not any green tea but a tea rinse that includes Ayurvedic herbs)
  • Ayurveda gloss
  • Clay washes (Not all clay washes are ayurvedic herbs i.e. Rhassoul Clay)
  • *Ayurveda Hair mask (depending on IF your hair is super damaged. If not, then the hair mask can later be incorporated in your hair regimen after you become more accustomed to Ayurveda)
  • An Ayurvedic oil mixture (oil that includes the Ayurveda herbs)
  • Aloe Vera powder (if you want to or have access to it)
  • Aloe Vera juice because it compliments Ayurveda powders especially Henna and Amla. Aloe Vera is very good in balancing the strengthening properties of Ayurvedic powders.

If you decide to start using Ayurveda masks, teas and glosses, when you use a mask DO NOT USE an Ayurvedic tea or gloss in the next week, give your hair a break. You can then use a tea or gloss after two weeks, same with the 3rd and 4th week. In the 5th week, you can use the mask again. So, if you use a hair mask week 0, week 1 don’t use a tea or gloss. Week 2, 3 and 4 you can use a gloss and tea in your hair regimen and in week 5 go ahead with your hair mask” – Curly Proverbz.