Red Flags

Now to the many red flags I saw in Uwanji Aliyu’s relaxer video –

Although the stylist put protective gel on her hairline, well from the looks of it, it looks like protect gel. Anyway, I did not see the stylist put it on her scalp.

Her hair was not gently detangled and I kept thinking, hmm I think her scalp is gonna burn. Spoiler alert, watched the video… her scalp did burn.

During the application of the relaxer….. it looks from the angle of the video, that the relaxer was placed from the beginning directly on her ends instead of lastly. Remember, the ends are the oldest and most fragile (apart from the hair line in regards to fragility).

The stylist combed the relaxer through her hair. Sigh… I was like her hair is going to be over processed, damaged and it is gonna break. Got to the end result of her hair and yeap her hair looked damaged.

Am not trying to throw shade but girl… how u gonna be natural for 6 years and ask what does steaming do for the hair….I blank stared the moment she said it.