Staple Hair Products

When it comes to your hair care, whether you are natural or not, there are staple hair products you will need to adopt into your hair care regime and they are:-

Shampoos – There are many good silicone free shampoos out there especially the clarifying shampoos. Shampoos are good because it helps to wash away product build-up that can clog up the hair cuticles, but one needs an accompanying conditioner because shampoos also strip moisture and nutrients (the hair’s natural oils) from the hair. But there are some naturals who don’t use a conditioner and after washing their hair they use a deep conditioner. Pls. click here for some recommended products.

Conditioners – Conditioners main function is to put back or restore the nutrients and moisture that was lost during washing. Pls. click here for some recommended products.

Co-wash – Washing the hair with conditioner only or using co-wash products. Pls. click here for some recommended products.

Leave-in conditioners – This product is amazingggg, it helps with moisturizing, detangling and it contain humectants (moisture retention)  that attract moisture into your hair strands to make them more flexible and stronger. Leave-in conditioners main objective is to keep your tresses moisturized, so a water-based leave-in conditioner is essential for it to work properly. A good leave-in conditioner for LOW POROSITY (LP) HAIR is one that is water based. Pls. click here for some recommended products.

Deep Conditioners/Treatments – I recommend that the deep conditioning step is never missed in one’s hair wash regimen. Especially if one is a LP hair chiquita. You wanna see a difference in the health of your hair? Just do it. DC/DT helps in healing damaged hair…enough said. Pls. click here for some recommended products. 

Oils – Helps to lock in moisture and nourish the hair. And it can be used for a multitude of purposes for natural hair, such as Pre-pooing, Detangling, Hot Oil Treatments, Scalp Massages/treatments, Adding to Conditioners/Deep Conditioners, Adding to your spray bottle mix and Sealing in Moisture. Pls. click here for all you need to know about oils. The oil you use depends on your hair porosity,  hair density and needs.  

Creams/Styling Products– Creams and butters help…majorly (especially if one is not an LP Chiquita). They help to enhance your natural coils, curls or kinks, basically your hair’s your natural curl pattern. If you don’t have a styling product or can’t find one near you (especially in Lagos) it’s cool just get unrefined shea butter mix it with any oil of your choosing that works well with your hair needs and not only will it moisturize your hair it will enhance your curl pattern. If you are a 4c Chiquita like me and you want an S-curl pattern, the closest you will get is using a styling product (e.g. gels, creams, and milks) AND then flat twisting the hair or using rollers to manipulate the hair to take on that curl look. Key word AND. Pls. click here for some recommended products. Pls. note creams are heavy products so, they don’t work on LP hair unless accompanied with heat. If not accompanied with heat then the creams/butters will cause build up. 

Hair Milks – Hair milks are like lotions for your hair, they have a light and creamy texture. Hair milks provide moisture and it works best after washing or to refresh your second day curls. Also for those with LP hair, this works much better than creams/butters. Pls. click here for some recommended products.  

Gel – Honestly am not a fan of gels. They dry my hair out badly but gel works for some people. There is only one non-organic product that I have heard nonstop positive stuff about for all 4 type hair and that is Giovanni gel, they say eco style gel rocks too, I tried it and yeah…did not work for me but if you want to go with an organic option then flax seed gel is another option hair vloggers and bloggers swear by. But you have to make this yourself, it can’t be bought. Pls click here for some recommended products. 

Edge Control (optional) – Yeah, so not a fan. Am not saying it does not work but for me personally, edges are a fragile dangerous thing and once it’s gone it’s gone (maybe essentials oils can help to get them back). So I try very hard not to manipulate my edges too much. I rarely do tight high buns and when I do, my edges are rarely slicked back. Some people use edge control products (especially Naija salons) some people use gel. I use creams/butters because they don’t dry out my hair. Pls. click here for some recommended products.

Pls note: the products I recommend can work for all hair types (natural (A to C) or relaxed) BUT each person’s natural hair has its own density, texture, porosity, needs and issues. So, what works for some naturals won’t necessary work for another natural even if you have the same type e.g. 4C.

That is why I STRESS how important it is to know your hair, chose the right product and study/recognize/note how your hair reacts to a product.

Pls. don’t buy products you are trying out in bulk unless you know it works to the point that it becomes a Holy Grail product i.e. a staple product. 

For my Naija Chiquitas, some of these products are not available in Lagos, Nigeria. Not sure about other cities. I do know that Abuja sometimes has these products but I can’t guarantee they will always have it. 

Chyboz on Awolowo road has some of these products but not all the time and honestly when they do have it, it is gone like real quick. 

The Kinky Apothecary online store or the physical store located in Lekki Phase 1 (the Nectar Studio) and Maryland (Sacred Beauty).

Another store that carries some of the products is Casabella. That is where I get most of my stuff from. Update!!! Prince Ebano Market in Lekki and Invivo Beauty  supply store in Surulere have alot of options for us natural hair chiquitas.

Konga and Jumia online store carries some of the items but not all. 

For all my foreign based/international Chiquita’s, Amazon, Walmart, and Target are your friend.