To be or Not to be Natural

Dear Chiquitas,

Being natural is a lot fun but it also takes proper care and work. But before going natural, you need to understand what going and being natural is all about.

A lot of people just jump into going natural and don’t have all the facts and then soon realize that ermmm yeah this is a lot of work and ermm they are not about that life OR they are like wait my curls ain’t popping (erm yeah your natural hair texture is not what you think it is).

The most significant thing I have seen is this, most naturals are like wait it’s been six months and my hair is not as long as I thought it would be. In addition, there is the waste of money which I have been guilty of, with the buying all sorts of stuff that never ever should have been bought (whelp). So let me share some knowledge.

Before you start on this journey you need to ask yourself:

Do I want to be natural, do I understand the work it entails to stay natural?

Do I like the straightened look (because believe me when you are natural and you try and straighten your hair with just heat. It is not going to look like the way it did when you were chemically straightened). Also, the texture of your hair will always determine how your hair looks when products are added to enhance your natural hair curl pattern. So you gotta know your hair type (click here for more info on that)!

So if you like the straitened look and you are not down for co-washing, detangling, pre-pooing all that natural hair jazz – then being natural is not for you but if you are down for it pls. keep on reading and explore the site for your hair needs.