Tools needed in caring and maintaining your natural hair are:-

Wide Tooth Combs – You need this to help in detangling your hair. Some people finger detangle (I personally don’t do that because it takes too long and am not about that life…pass me the wide tooth comb).

Spray Bottle – You will probably need more than one. But you will need it to spray water on your hair (pls. never use a bowl to pour water all over your hair when you just want to moisturize your hair). You can also use a spray bottle to mix conditioner, water and oils to spray your hair.

Applicator bottle – I believe this is a less messy way to apply oil on your scalp or any other hair care products.

Rat tail comb – I use this to line my hair neatly. I don’t use this to comb my hair, pls. don’t use this comb to comb your hair. The teeth of the comb are very narrow and you will do more damage to your hair if you comb your hair with a rat tail comb especially on wet natural tangled hair. But they are great for trimming ones’ hair.

Satin Scarves – Or silk scarves if you have them! Oh this is a must… if you don’t have a satin pillow case then just use this. It will prevent the hair from cutting/shedding a lot while you sleep and it will protect your edges.