What’s your Hair Type

There are 4 types of hair, with 3 separate subsets respectively. All in all there are 10 different types of hair. Please see pic below and for a further detailed description on all types of hair please click here. Please note that my focus will mostly be on the 4 types of hair – Am a 4C Chiquita with Low Porosity (LP)… talk about a dynamic situation lol.


image from naturalhairmag

So how do you determine your hair type?

Take a strand of hair (preferable take a strand of hair from freshly washed hair) and study its curl pattern and compare it to the photo above. Please note that there are some instances where people have different types of hair type on their head. Some have a mix of 4a/4c, 4a/4b, or 4b/4c.

source: http://www.naturalhairmag.com/best-methods-determine-hair-type-texture/